David Fizdale will attract free agents to Knicks, says Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade believes big things could soon be coming to the Big Apple.

Ahead of his Wednesday matchup with New York, the Heat star praised Knicks coach David Fizdale, noting that he makes a real difference and will attract free agents from around the league to join his squad.

“I think he’s already changed that perception. Players around the league want to play for Fiz,” Wade said Tuesday, via the New York Daily News. “Now that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away because things happen – guys stay in certain places or they go team up with someone else. But if you ask every player around the league who is the coach they want to play for, Fiz’s name would come up.”

Last week, Kyrie Irving revealed that “playing for Fiz” was one reason he seriously considered playing in New York before ultimately signing with the Celtics.

For that reason, Wade understands the Knicks’ woes are bigger than just their coach and the franchise will have to make some changes in order to turn New York into a more appealing destination.

“It comes with what the players are doing on the court. It comes with what the organization is doing,” Wade added. “And other things as well. So he’s definitely going to try to change the culture but it’s a lot of other things that goes with it.”

Wade can foresee the challenges that Fizdale may face but knows he can help players because of the way he naturally connects with them.

“It’s tough. He came in and I’m a six-time All-Star already,” Wade said. “So to sit there and show me a different way, to be able to explain it to me, to be able to give me the vision, it’s a talent he has. And I know a lot of people in New York are seeing that. He knows how to get to people.”

The Heat (1-2) are slated to host the Knicks (1-3) at 7:30 p.m. ET Wednesday.