DeMar Derozan not a fan of Raptors tribute video

DeMar Derozan didn’t care for how the Raptors paid tribute to him in a video they aired before their game against the Celtics Friday night.

The Sportsnet video took shots at former Raptors like Vince Carter, Chris Bosh and Tracy McGrady, all of whom didn’t stay with the team. It then focused on how the future is bright for the Raptors with it’s current roster, including Kawhi Leonard.

Derozan, who was traded to the Spurs before the start of the season for Leonard, got a kinder nod from the video. However, he said the hype video didn’t touch on how the players before him made Toronto a basketball city.

“I felt some type of way, for sure,” DeRozan told The Athletic. “It wasn’t even for me, but for the previous guys. For Vince, T-Mac, to Chris, you can’t undermine anything that they did. Without them, there wouldn’t have been that team we had last year, two years ago, five years ago. There wouldn’t be the team that’s there now if it wasn’t for my time there, so don’t undermine the people that came before us. I just don’t like that.”

Even though Derozan previously said he wanted to stay with the Raptors for his entire career, he has done well with the Spurs. The team recently beat LeBron James and the Lakers, and Derozan has notched an average of 29.3 points, 5.0 rebounds and 9.0 assists in his first three games.