Dolphins QB Brock Osweiler to start Sunday, sparks '#Brocktober' hashtag on Twitter

Dolphins defeat Bears in overtime with 47-yard field goal

Quarterback Brock Osweiler will start for the Dolphins on Sunday against the Lions and some Miami fans are so excited about that prospect they’ve turned him into a Twitter hashtag.


With starting QB Ryan Tannehill sidelined by an injured shoulder, Osweiller got the call Sunday against the Bears, and made the most of the chance, passing for 380 yards and three touchdowns in a 31-28 overtime win against the Bears. Tannehill has already been ruled out for next week, and coach Adam Gase said he’s not sure Tannehill will be ready for Week 8 against the Texans.

That opens the door for Osweiler to build on his success in his first extended playing time with the Dolphins. Osweiler has been a much-maligned figure since the Broncos drafted him in the second round in 2012. He signed a four-year, $72 million contract with the Texans in 2016, where he struggled as the starter. In fact, the Texans were so eager to dump Osweiler’s salary they traded him after the season to the Browns for a couple of draft picks. Cleveland released him before the 2017 season.

After returning to Denver in 2017, Osweiler signed with the Dolphins in March. It seems to be a good match, as Gase has praised the 27-year-old quarterback.

And after Sunday’s performance against the Bears’ tough defense, fans believe In Osweiler, too, sparking the “#Brocktober” hashtag.

Osweiler said Wednesday he doesn’t do social media, but he’s been told about “Brocktober.”

“Guys in the locker room have had fun with it,” Osweiler said. “My family has had fun with it. So go ahead and keep writing it. It’s fun. Right now, it’s Brocktober. I’m not looking much past that.”

Osweiler also talked about how he’s dealt with all the criticism in his career.

“In this day and age that we live in, too many people are too fast to place judgment,” Osweiler said. “So many people want to bring you down, rather than build you up.”