Draymond Green says Warriors need to ‘clean up’ their defense

Draymond Green thinks the Warriors need to play smarter on defense.

Golden State committed 29 fouls and fell 100-98 to the Nuggets on Sunday. Green said after the loss he has noticed officials are calling games much tighter this season.

“Defense isn’t really an emphasis anymore in this league,” Green said (via ESPN). “So I think you’re seeing it all around the league with these high scores. We know what the emphasis is. Just got to be better, and we haven’t done that in three games. … It caught us tonight.”

The 28-year-old forward said the Warriors can’t “act like every foul call” is wrong throughout the game.

“The officials are going to get some wrong, that’s just the nature of the beast, they’re human, that’s the game we play,” Green said. “To clean that up, to combat that, we can’t have the stupid ones because what they do is an inexact science.

“They’re not going to get them all right, how do you combat that? Clean up our defense, stop using our hands as much, stop reaching. And right now, we’re not doing a good job of that.”

The Warriors, who have opened 2018-19 with wins in two of their first three games, will face the Suns on Monday.