Raiders TE Lee Smith on reports of fractured locker room: It's 'the biggest joke I've ever seen'

Derek Carr denies 'fractured relationship' with Raiders teammates

Raiders tight end Lee Smith came to the defense of the Raiders and Derek Carr in the midst of reports that the quarterback has a “fractured relationship” with his teammates.

A report from The Athletic questioned whether Carr is still considered a leader in the Raiders locker room, but Smith wasn’t afraid to share his opinion of Carr in a fiery rant to reporters Wednesday.

Smith called the report “the biggest joke” he’s ever seen and reiterated the support Oakland has for Carr.

“All these reports about this locker room being fractured with Derek Carr is the most obnoxious and ridiculous thing I’ve heard — ever,” Lee said. “It’s to a point where it’s comical and laughable that I’m even sitting here talking about it. Us as players have zero issue with Derek Carr. He is our leader. 

“I hope that everyone hears me loud and clear of what a joke it is. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and it’s laughable and not fair to him when it’s obviously not coming from inside this locker room.” 

Smith didn’t stop there, though, as he continued to explain Carr’s integrity and strong leadership style.

“To ever insinuate there’s an issue inside this locker room with our leader and our captain is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around this league my whole life,” Smith said.

He added: “The attacking of our strongest leader and the strongest man in our locker room is absolute horsesh—.

The Raiders have fallen to 1-5 and tension seems to be getting worse as The Athletic released a new report Tuesday that players are questioning coach Jon Gruden’s accountability following Monday’s trade of Amari Cooper, which players found out through news reports.