Ravens kicker Justin Tucker takes blame for loss after first missed PAT

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker takes blame for loss after first missed PAT

Justin Tucker’s perfect streak has come to an untimely end.

The Ravens kicker took the blame for Sunday’s 24-23 loss to the Saints after missing the first PAT of his seven-year career in the final seconds of regulation and keeping the game from going to overtime.

“You play long enough, you’re going to have a kick that you want back, and tonight was that night for me,” Tucker told reporters . “Like Joe (Flacco) said, the only thing you can do is just go to work and try to make the best of a bad situation.”

Tucker has long reigned as the NFL’s most accurate kicker but snapped his streak of 222 consecutive extra point kicks in the Week 7 defeat. That number climbs to an even more impressive 316 straight extra point kicks if you include his postseason performance and two years playing at Texas in college.

But Tucker is eager to put the miss behind him and get back on track.

“I’ll let this hurt for another couple of hours,” Tucker said, “and then I’ll do everything I can to move on.”

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco echoed those thoughts and refused to let Tucker take total responsibility for the loss.

“We’ve all been through football games where it looks like you’re the guy that’s in the spotlight at the end of the game, when it can kind of be determined,” Flacco said . “You still have to go into overtime and win that game or prevent them from going down and kicking a field goal. We’re a very tight team here, and the first thing you think about is your brother and him dealing with it.

“Justin’s the best in the world at what he does, and he’s the most confident person that I know. It’s not going to be an issue.”

The Ravens (4-3) will next visit the Panthers (4-2) at 1 p.m. ET Sunday.