Warriors star Kevin Durant says LeBron James playing with Lakers is ‘pretty fun' for fans

Kevin Durant doesn’t believe it’ll be strange seeing LeBron James in a new uniform.

The Warriors and Los Angeles will finish the preseason with two games this week. Those contests will be the first time Golden State has matched up with the Lakers since they inked James to a four-year, $153.3 million deal this summer.

Durant discussed James’ decision to sign with Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“I just look at the player more so than anything,” Durant told ESPN. “No matter what jersey these guys put on they’re the same player, same feel for their game.

“It’s pretty cool for Lakers fans and West Coast fans to see LeBron out here on the west side. Deep culture of basketball here, especially in LA, up and down the coast. So pretty fun as a fan.”

The Warriors faced James’ Cavaliers in the last four NBA Finals. Golden State came away with championships in three of those four matchups.

Golden State and Los Angeles will play the first of their two preseason games Wednesday.