A-Rod relieved Patrick Mahomes ignored him: I told him there's no future in football

A-Rod relieved Patrick Mahomes ignored him: I told him there's no future in football

Fortunately for the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes ignored the advice of former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, who implored the quarterback to drop football and take up his sport.

Rodriguez, a 14-time MLB All-Star and World Series champion with the Yankees in 2009, played alongside Mahomes’ father, Pat, with the Rangers during the 2001 baseball season.

Patrick Mahomes has lit up the NFL with the Chiefs this season, needing just 10 games to break the franchise season record for touchdown passesn, eclipsing Len Dawson’s previous mark of 30 in a 26-14 win Nov. 11 against the Cardinals.

And A-Rod recalled a chat he had with a younger Mahomes, which — thankfully for the Chiefs — fell on deaf ears.

“I said, ‘Now listen to me, if you don’t hear one thing that I ever tell you, you better listen to this’,” Rodriguez recounted to Omnisport.

“‘There is no money, there is no future, there is no history in football. You have to play baseball!’

“Well, he reminded me of that recently and, boy, am I glad he did not listen to me!”

Rodriguez was speaking at the London Stadium, which is set to host two regular-season games between the Yankees and world champion Red Sox in June 2019.

And the former shortstop and third baseman drew comparisons between Mahomes and a current Yankees superstar.

“He reminds me of Aaron Judge. They have this … bigger than life, superhero thing,” Rodriguez said.

“The surprising part has been how great he has been on the field. But what hasn’t surprised me is his great character because it reminds me of his father, who’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.

“But again, I bring it back to Aaron Judge. When London sees the size of Aaron Judge, how far he hits the ball, it kind of reminds me of Patrick, a good reminder of him.”

Mahomes — who leads the NFL with 31 TD passes in 2018 — and the Chiefs travel to Los Angeles on Monday night to face the Rams in a battle between two 9-1 teams.