Ducks to remain in Anaheim through at least 2048

The Ducks won’t be leaving Anaheim anytime soon.

The City Council approved for the team to add a 25-year extension to its current contract, which runs out in 2023. That means the Ducks will stay at the Honda Center for the foreseeable future and Anaheim as their home until at least 2048.

“We are certainly thrilled that our Ducks have a strong and secure future here in Anaheim and are excited to further enhance our partnership with the city and its residents,” Ducks owners Henry and Susan Samueli said in a statement. “We believe that Anaheim is a truly special place and appreciate the city’s clear commitment to remain a leading sports and entertainment destination.”

The deal also will allow five more five-year extensions to the contract, as long as the Ducks continue to use Anaheim in their name.

The new agreement also states that 16 acres of nearby land will be sold to the Ducks for $10 million for development as long as parking is provided. The city also will get a larger cut of any revenue to the team makes.

The Ducks, who have been in the NHL for 25 years, have spent their entire existence in Anaheim.