Former Cowboys LB Jeff Rohrer comes out as gay, set to marry partner

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Former Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer is set to marry his partner Sunday.

Rohrer is believed to be the only former or current NFL player who will be in a same-sex marriage. His union with skincare mogul Joshua Ross will take place in Los Angeles at Wattles Mansion Gardens.

“I’ve given at least five people heart attacks with this news,” Rohrer told the New York Times. “But for the most part, many of my closest friends, including some of my former teammates with the Cowboys, could not have been more happy and supportive.”

Rohrer, who played for the Cowboys from 1982-87, said he never told anyone he was gay nor did he date men during his playing days. He married a woman (they divorced a decade ago) and has two teenage children.

“If I had told the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s that I was gay, I would have been cut immediately,” he said. “It was a different world back then, people didn’t want to hear that.”

It wasn’t until Rohrer met Ross at a tequila bar in California three years ago that he came out.

When asked why it took Rohrer until his mid-50s to come out, he said being gay wasn’t part of a football lifestyle.

“People are born gay, as I was, though being gay was just something that had no place during the course of my football life,” Rohrer said. “But when I got divorced, I said the hell with it, I’m going to do what I’ve always wanted to do.

“Then I found Josh, and began to openly live the life I was born to live.”