Josh Norman says Washington home crowds 'just don't really care'

Josh Norman fires back at critics: 'I’m a target'

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman isn’t feeling the love for many Washington fans, or at least fans who attend games at FedExField. 

After the Redskins defeated the Buccaneers 16-3 in Tampa, Norman said the team plays better on the road than at home, pointing the finger at home fans that “just don’t really care” and “boo everything.”

“I feel like we play better on the road,” Norman said (via Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan). “I’m not gonna lie. … It seems like our true fans, they’re really with us on the road and we feed off of that. When we go in the home stands, it’s seems like an open bubble or something. Like the other team’s turf or something. … Then, if something bad happens, they sulk. They sit back in their seat and boo.”

Norman noted the team just started noticing the atmosphere this year, especially when contrasted with sell-out crowds in Dallas, Philadelphia and even New York.

“Even the Giants, when they was 1-6, hell, that had a sellout crowd,” he said. 

“We come back to our home and guys … they just don’t really care. They just boo everything. They’re not really behind us. … I’m tired of it, I really am. We can play all our games on the road if you ask me, but at the end of the day, the people who are going to be there for you, the fans that are really going to have your back? They’ll be there. The other ones man? It is what it is.”

Washington is now 6-3, and 3-1 on the road after the victory.