Lonnie Walker injury update: Spurs rookie thinks he’ll be back with team ‘very soon’

Lonnie Walker thinks he’ll be back with the Spurs soon.

The 19-year-old rookie tore his meniscus in early October and has not appeared in a regular season game. Walker, however, was recently assigned to San Antonio’s G-League affiliate in Austin, TX and he told reporters Tuesday he was closing in on his NBA debut.

“I will be playing down in Austin for a few days, (with) minute restrictions and stuff,” Walker said (via the San Antonio Express-News). “Just trying to get a rhythm, get a feel for the game. It’s been a little while, so my time will come. It’s going to be very soon and I will be officially back up (with the Spurs).”

Walker said he is taking his recovery “day by day” and is finally starting to feel like himself again.

“You’ve got to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run,” Walker said. “So, it’s all about stages and taking steps little by little until it’s my opportunity. And when it comes, hopefully, I can play the best I can play. “

The Spurs selected Walker out of Miami with the 18th pick in the 2018 draft.