Michael Vick gives Lamar Jackson advice to run with: 'Proceed with caution'

Michael Vick gives Lamar Jackson advice to run with: 'Proceed with caution'

Michael Vick, in his rookie season, appeared in eight games (two starts) and had 31 rushing attempts. Lamar Jackson has 37 attempts in his last two games. Yeah, that’s a lot.

With that in mind, the most electrifying athlete to ever play quarterback offered a nugget of wisdom for the Ravens rookie: “Proceed with caution.”

“With quarterbacks, we’re not used to getting hit all the time,” Vick told ESPN.com. “When we do it, it can either get you into the game or it can shake you up a little bit. It’s not like a guy sitting in the pocket, you run the risk of getting injured. I’m not saying that should deter Lamar or scare him; I’m just saying proceed with caution.”

Vick’s career high for carries in a single game was 15. He finished with 873 attempts for 6,109 yards in his 143 career games. Only Cam Newton has more career rushing attempts for a quarterback with 913.

Vick said he felt the effects of his game after in his career, but added: “Six-thousand yards are a lot, but I’m in the record books.”

Newton, who has 4,737 yards rushing, will likely best Vick’s mark in the next few seasons, but Vick still offered a suggested path for Jackson to catch them both.

“It will take a season where he rushes for 1,000 yards. It’ll take a season where he breaks an overtime run for 65 yards,” he said. “All records are made to be broken.”

Jackson is expected to make his third start Sunday against Vick’s former team, the Falcons. And if the Ravens head Vick’s word of warning, they’ll only run Jackson 10-12 times.