Mike D'Antoni on Carmelo Anthony's exit: His role 'wasn’t fair for him'

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said Houston did everything it could to make Carmelo Anthony’s role work, but the 10-time All-Star just “wasn’t fitting” into Houston’s puzzle.

“He was trying to make the necessary sacrifices, and it wasn’t fair for him as a Hall of Fame player to play in a role that wasn’t good for him. It wasn’t a fit,” D’Antoni told reporters Thursday.

“We tried to hit a home run and it didn’t work out, and he tried everything he could. He was great while he was here and just didn’t work out for whatever reason. I just thank him for his professionalism, he was good.”

When asked what was different about Anthony’s role than what originally was envisioned, D’Antoni said: “We just had to see how things worked out. It wasn’t conducive to his game. … We did it, we tried it, both parties wanted it to happen, and it didn’t happen. Now we’re moving on.”

The Rockets parted ways with Anthony on Thursday after he spent only 10 games with the team. Houston doesn’t plan to immediately place Anthony on waivers as it is allowing Anthony’s representatives to survey the marketplace for a landing spot, according to ESPN.

Anthony, a 10-time All-Star, spent last season with the Thunder before he was traded to the Hawks in mid-July for a package centered around Dennis Schroder. He was bought out by Atlanta, then signed with the Rockets.