Rams coach Sean McVay admits to stealing plays from Andy Reid's Chiefs

Rams coach Sean McVay admits to stealing plays from Andy Reid's Chiefs

The Rams and Chiefs are two of the NFL’s most explosive offenses, and they’ll be matching up against each other this Sunday. Both squads are 9-1, and many hope to see them face off in the Super Bowl this year. Rams head coach Sean McVay wants to gain the upper hand on his competition, and he admits to stealing a couple concepts from Andy Reid throughout the season.

“I’d be lying if I said we have haven’t stolen some of their stuff this year,” McVay told ESPN on Thursday. “They do a great job.”

McVay isn’t wrong. The Chiefs have an impressive arsenal of offensive weapons at their disposal. Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt all seem to combine perfectly with the young gunslinger Patrick Mahomes. Their defense definitely has room for growth, but they know how to compete and play winning football. 

McVay may have lost his dynamic receiver Cooper Kupp to an ACL tear this past week, but his offense ranks third in the NFL, only behind the Chiefs and the Saints. Todd Gurley is having an MVP-worth season, as he’s already scored 17 touchdowns this season. Brandin Cooks has proved to be one of the NFL’s most dangerous deep threats when paired with Rams third-year quarterback Jared Goff. Both of these teams are on top of the football world, so it’s only natural there’s a little give and take between them.

“There’s so much tape and with the ability to easily access it week in and week out, it would be silly for us not to be able to look and see what the heck they’re doing,” McVay continued. “Every single week they do something and you say, ‘That’s pretty good.’”

This primetime game was set to kick off in Mexico City, but poor field conditions forced its relocation to Los Angeles, giving the Rams a healthy home field advantage. McVay will be prepared to take on another offensive mastermind this weekend, and lots of eyes will be watching to see which side prevails.