Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says team is handling Thursday game better than in past

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says team is handling Thursday game better than in past

It’s hard to dispute the fact that short weeks are taxing on NFL players. 

Teams that play Sunday and then have to turn around and prepare for a game Thursday aren’t afforded the same recovery time as a normal week would allow. Former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who is now with the 49ers, was vocal about his disdain for the short week during his time in Seattle. 

He called it a poopfest.

Now, as the Seahawks get ready to host the Packers on Thursday, talk around the subject has been subdued. Coach Pete Carroll says the team has handled it better than in the past.

“It’s a challenge,” Carroll told reporters Wednesday, via ProFootballTalk. “It’s a physical challenge for the guys. Emotionally, our guys handled it great, I think better than maybe we have in other years and the whole conversation has been about the game and all that kind of stuff.

“It hasn’t been anything about the fact that there’s a physical challenge to it. Our guys are not tuned into that end of it. But, it is taxing. The other side of it is — there’s always a good side to it — we get a break on the weekend. We’ll take full advantage of that.”

This is the first year Sherman is not on Seattle’s roster. Two years ago, he commented on the league making teams play on a Thursday after a grueling contest on Sunday.

“You play, get home at like one in the morning and then you have to play again,” Sherman said in December 2016 ahead of the Seahawks’ Thursday game. “Congratulations, NFL, you did again, but they’ve been doing it all season, so I guess we are the last team to get the middle finger.”

Nearly a year later, still playing in Seattle, Sherman ruptured his Achilles’ tendon during a Thursday matchup against the divisional rival Cardinals. He would miss the rest of the 2017 season — after not missing a single game since joining the league in 2011 — and wouldn’t return until 2018, where he eventually landed on the Niners’ roster.