Warriors owner on Kevin Durant-Draymond Green altercation: We're not taking sides

Warriors owner Joe Lacob is setting the record straight. 

Amid reports that Golden State is taking one side over the other following Monday’s altercation between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, Lacob explained Saturday that the Warriors support both players. 

“I’ve read and heard all the things people are talking about,” Lacob said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “That we’re choosing one person over another. We’re not choosing anybody over anybody.”

Green and Durant had a verbal altercation at the end of regulation Monday against the Clippers after Green failed to get a shot off after losing possession on the final play.

It was reported the confrontation continued in the locker room after a 121-116 overtime loss, though coach Steve Kerr denied claims Green questioned Durant about his impending free agency.

Golden State suspended Green for Tuesday’s 110-103 victory over the Hawks for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

When asked whether the problem was a management issues, Lacob replied: “I think that’s exactly right. It’s totally a management issue.”

Lacob went on to say the decision to suspend one player over the other was because of Draymond’s role in the heated exchange and not because they were taking sides.

“The point is, whether it would be any employee, they’d have to act certain ways to be our employee. Draymond knows that he went beyond — won’t say what he did, or what he said, or anything like that — he went beyond what we felt appropriate, so it didn’t matter who it was.

“And he understands that, by the way. I’ve been texting with him, and he totally gets it. I do have a great relationship with him, and I still do.”