Warriors rely on Stephen Curry to defuse team drama

It’s no secret the Warriors rely on Stephen Curry to lead the team on the court, but Golden State players and coach Steve Kerr revealed Friday the team also relies on him to keep peace within the team. 

The Warriors had a drama-filled week after an altercation between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. Tensions were high for much of the week, but Curry is the one who kept everyone together as they work through the rift, according to the Warriors.

“He’s got the respect of everybody in the organization,” coach Steve Kerr said, via The Mercury News. “He’s very wise. He brings us together. He’s a guy we count on to keep things rolling. We’re lucky to have him.”

Kerr compared Curry to Tim Duncan, referring to his former Spurs teammate who played an integral role in keeping San Antonio united under coach Gregg Popovich.

“Steph is the short Tim Duncan,” Kerr explained. “Pop would tell you, we went through stuff back then. Actually, Pop would not tell you. But we went through all kinds of stuff back then. When you have a guy like Tim Duncan and you have a guy like Steph Curry, it makes your whole world easier.”

This week’s tension started when Green and Durant had a verbal altercation at the end of regulation Monday against the Clippers after Green failed to get a shot off after losing possession on the final play. It was reported the confrontation continued in the locker room after a 121-116 overtime loss, though Kerr denied claims Green questioned Durant about his impending free agency.

Green, at the center of the controversy, gave credit to Curry for the positive attitude he brings to the organization and how he has helped shape the team.

“That’s kind of who this organization has been built around. Everybody took on his personality and his free-flowing and, for a lack of a better term, careless approach,” Green said. “When I say careless, I don’t mean not a care in the world, but that joy that we always talk about. It’s always going to be important. That’s the makeup of this team.”

Curry is still dealing with a groin injury, but he traveled with the Warriors for their three-game road trip in Texas. 

The Warriors (12-4) fell to the Rockets (7-7) 107-86 on Thursday. They will face the Mavericks (6-8) on Saturday and the Spurs (7-7) on Sunday.