Bill Belichick calls Josh Gordon suspension an 'unfortunate situation'

Bill Belichick calls Josh Gordon suspension an 'unfortunate situation'

Patriots coach Bill Belichick opened his press conference Friday addressing Josh Gordon’s suspension from the NFL, calling it an “unfortunate situation.”

“I spoke with Josh [Gordon] yesterday morning, as I have several times since he’s been here,” Belichick said. “It’s obviously an unfortunate situation, and personally, I wish him the very best, as we all do on this team.

“He’s made a statement, the organization’s made a statement, the league’s made a statement. I’ve spoken on him at length over the last three months, and so I don’t really have anything at this point to add to that. It’s a private matter, and I hope that he’s able to deal with it successfully.”

Belichick then said he was ready to move on and talk about New England’s upcoming game against the Bills on Sunday, but reporters asked him six follow-up questions about Gordon. Belichick was short in his answers and didn’t reveal any more information than what he said in his opening statement, explaining: “Everything’s been said. I have nothing to add to it.”

When asked if he felt like the Patriots did all that they could for Gordon, Belichick said, “I’m not going to address or make any comments on that.”

In response to how difficult it is to receive news like that on a Thursday in Week 16, he replied: “Well, it is what it is.”

The last question on the suspension came when Belichick was asked if New England was going to continue to work with Gordon or part ways. Belichick diverted from the topic, saying, “We’re going to get ready for Buffalo and play Buffalo on Sunday.”

Gordon announced Thursday he was “stepping away from the football field for a bit” to focus on his mental health. The NFL later announced the Patriots receiver has again been suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.