Celtics coach Brad Stevens discusses team meeting held after loss to Bucks

Brad Stevens doesn’t think there was anything wrong with the Celtics team meeting Friday.

Boston’s losing streak was extended to three when it fell to the Bucks 120-107 at home. After the game, the team had a lengthy discussion in its locker room where star Kyrie Irving said “selfish play” was addressed.  

The conversation continued for 90 minutes the day after the loss, Stevens told reporters Sunday. But, the Celtics coach said he expects the “transparent talk” to help the team moving forward.  

“Every day we have closed-door meetings,” Stevens said, via The Athletic. “But some are obviously more impactful, more transparent and a little bit more raw than others. And I think those are probably the most memorable, enjoyable and purposeful times when you reflect on the season.

Stevens said there’s “never a right or wrong time” for a team to address issues.

“Ultimately if you’re on a team with 15 people that have good intentions and are willing to share what they’re thinking, what they’re seeing, what they’re feeling, that’s a pretty good place to start,” Stevens said, via NBC Sports Boston.

The Celtics will host the Hornets on Sunday. They’ll enter that matchup with an 18-13 record.