D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Greg Manusky after loss to Titans

D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Greg Manusky after loss to Titans

D.J. Swearinger didn’t hold back when criticizing the defensive plays the Redskins executed in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game against the Titans.

Tennessee was in the middle of a comeback that ended in a 25-16 victory when defensive coordinator Greg Manusky made several questionable calls.

The play that really upset Swearinger was after quarterback Marcus Mariota left the game with an injury and had been replaced by Blaine Gabbert. The Titans were 3rd-and-7 on the Redskins’ 37 when Washington cornerback Fabian Moreau was called for holding, setting the Titans up on 1st-and-10 at the 27.

Four plays later Gabbert threw a touchdown that pushed the Titans past the Redskins. According to Swearinger, the Redskins should have been playing zone coverage, not man-to-man.

“We are our best on defense when we look at the quarterback,” Swearinger said, via the Houston Chronicle. “When you go one-high on a backup quarterback, that’s easy, man. They’re going to go back side every time.

“That’s a bad call. I feel like that was a horrible call. You don’t put Fabian in that situation with a backup quarterback. . . . But I feel like, man, if we look at the quarterback, with all this talent we got in the back end, we could dominate every team every week. I’m not the (defensive) coordinator, but we didn’t make the plays. I guess we didn’t make the plays. And there’s plenty of plays out there to make.”

Swearinger also said the Redskins weren’t aggressive at all, especially when Gabbert came out. The Redskins allowed Gabbert to complete 7-of-11 passes for 101 yards and a touchdown.

“I feel like with a lot of these playmakers we got on the team, I feel like you should be trying to get your players involved,” Swearinger said. “We got a lot of talent on this team. When I look at film of other teams, I always see nickels blitzing. I always see safeties blitzing. We was down and that’s the first time we sent a blitz.

“It’s frustrating. I don’t know what to say about it. But I think with the playmakers we got on defense, man, there’s no way we should’ve lost this game. I feel like we were the better team. I felt like we could have been in a better call on that third down.”

Swearinger then reiterated that if there was proper zone coverage on the play Moreau was flagged on and if the Redskins stopped that touchdown, it could have changed the course of the game.

“If I’m the D-coordinator I’m calling a zone every time on third down because you’ve got a backup quarterback [in Gabbert],” Swearinger said. “Make him beat us . . . Man, three by one, you’re going back side every time. A kindergarten quarterback knows that. That’s my frustration right now . . . It’s been the whole year, dog. It’s been the whole year.”

The Redskins started out hot with a 6-3 record, but are now 7-8 after losing five of their last six games.