Jarret Allen's block on LeBron James made statement, Nets coach says

Nets coach Kenny Atkinson felt Jarrett Allen’s spectacular block to deny LeBron James a slam dunk made a statement and set the tone for the team’s win over the Lakers.

Allen sprung up to thwart James in the second minute of the Nets’ 115-110 win on Tuesday.

The Nets have now won six in a row and coach Atkinson says Allen’s intervention so early in the contest was a key moment.

“I thought that got us going. I thought that got the crowd going,” Atkinson said. “I thought he made a statement with that block.”

Allen knew he would have plenty of opportunities to see his block again.

“If you go up and you block it, you’re going to be on the highlight,” he said (via NBA.com). “You get dunked on, you’re going to be on the highlight. So just go up and protect the rim.”

James scored a game-high 36 points but the Lakers star was well aware that would not be why he was trending. 

“He’s in his 20s; I’m in my 30s,” James said. “It takes me a little longer to get warmed up. But that’s fine. I mean, you’re a shot-blocker. You should, you can, get a block.

“It happens. It’s probably all over social media, so that’s cool.”