Kevin Garnett discusses Anthony Davis potentially playing with Lakers, LeBron James

Kevin Garnett thinks Anthony Davis should consider pushing for a move to the Lakers.

Rumors have been swirling about the Pelicans potentially having to trade the 25-year-old forward and LeBron James said this week “it would be amazing” if Los Angeles could acquire him.

Garnett, a 15-time All-Star who currently hosts a weekly segment for TNT’s Inside the NBA, discussed Davis’ situation in an interview with USA Today on Sunday. He said Davis would be a perfect fit next to James in Los Angeles.

“When Anthony Davis suits up for the Pelicans, that’s the best the Pelicans are going to be right there,” Garnett said. “They are capped out. They are playing at the top of the level they can play at. Davis with LeBron James — he goes to another level and that’s scary.

“That’s why he needs to go to a team where he has a chance to hoist the trophy or at least have a chance at going in that direction. He doesn’t have that. Great players need to be with other great players. He is still ‘the guy’ when LeBron is there. They are both ‘the guy.’ That’s why you bring your superpowers together.”

Garnett said he has talked with Davis about a potential move out of New Orleans.

“I told Anthony Davis this to his face,” Garnett said. “You are not playing against the guys you are squaring up against every night. You are playing against history, man.

“Anthony Davis playing in New Orleans, I don’t want to say they are wasted days, but they are non-days. He needs to be somewhere where he can be with another guy and they can have a run at a championship. He has been in New Orleans long enough. It is time for a change now. This is it. No better time to do this.”

Davis has spent his entire seven-year career with the Pelicans. He has two seasons remaining on the five-year, $145 million extension he signed in June 2015. But, he can opt out of that deal after 2019-20 and become a free agent.

Garnett played for the Timberwolves, Celtics and Nets during his 21 NBA seasons. He was named the league MVP in 2003-04 and won the 2007-08 championship with Boston.