Mavericks honor Dirk Nowitzki with spoof film, 'The 40-year-old German'

Dirk Nowitzki turned 40 in the offseason. And he’s German.

Those two totally unrelated facts led someone on the Mavericks PR staff with entirely too much time on their hands to create a spoof film starring Nowitzki as “The 40-Year-Old-German.”

With apologies to Steve Carrell and the cast of the 2005 hit comedy “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” Nowitzki and teammates Luka Doncic, Dennis Smith Jr. and J.J. Barea do their best to keep a straight face while recreating scenes from the movie. 

The team released the short video Sunday during the Mavs game against the Thunder.

While he’s not the force he was in his prime — what athlete is at age 40? — Nowitzki reached yet another career milestone last week when he became the sixth NBA player with 900 career wins.

Take that, Steve Carrell.