Tom Brady, Patriots had ‘tough conversations’ following loss to Steelers

Tom Brady remains optimistic after Patriots' loss to Dolphins: 'We still have a lot of football to play'

It’s no secret at this point — the 2018 Patriots are not the Patriots of old.

And after a 17-10 loss to the Steelers to drop to 9-5, Tom Brady and the rest of the team had a few things to hash out.

“We’d love to win every game, but that’s not the reality of sports. I’d say we learned from [Sunday]. Hopefully, the guys took it to heart. There were some pretty tough conversations and tough coaching which is deserved by us players,” Brady told Westwood One on Monday. “Ultimately, we didn’t execute enough to get the job done.”

With a 3-5 record on the road and iffy play from Brady in the team’s most recent loss, critics have their sights set on New England. But at 41 years old, Brady has learned to block out unflattering analysis.

“This is not the time to turn on the TV and listen to those types of things. This is time to hunker down and focus on what our job is. There is nobody outside of our building who is going to help us win football games,” Brady said. “That’s what all those TV stations are for; to fill the time and talk about sports and give the fans what they want to hear. But that’s not going to help us win games.”

Brady and the Patriots finish the season with homes games against the Bills and Jets.