Adam Vinatieri on his Super Bowl 53 allegiance: 'I want everybody to lose'

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Adam Vinatieri isn’t rooting for the Rams or Patriots in Super Bowl 53.

The Colts kicker is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer and spent 10 seasons with New England. But that means nothing to him now.

“I’m just a fan. … No, that’s a lie,” Vinatieri said, via “When we’re not in it, I want everybody to lose.”

However, he still has ties to the Patriots.

“If I had to choose from one or the other, there’s a couple of guys over there that I would want to do well,” Vinatieri said. “I know most of Indianapolis and Indiana and Midwest fans are probably cheering on the Rams.”

Indianapolis lost to Kansas City 31-13 in the divisional round of the playoffs this year. Vinatieri is known for being clutch, but missed two crucial kicks in the game.

The 23-year veteran isn’t ready to retire. Vinatieri, 46, re-signed with the Colts this week and will return next season.

But for now, he’ll have to watch Los Angeles and the Rams battle it out in Atlanta, Georgia on Feb. 3.