Alvin Gentry unsure if Anthony Davis has played last game as Pelican

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry downplayed Anthony Davis’ absence on a pregame video before Wednesday’s loss to the Nuggets but gave no guarantees the All-Star, who’s asked to be traded, will play for New Orleans again.

Davis this week was fined $50,000 after his agent made the 25-year-old’s trade request public.

There was no sign of Davis, who is sidelined with a injured left index finger, on the big screen in a video before a 105-99 home loss to the Nuggets on Wednesday.

Gentry said he wasn’t aware of the situation relating to the video, or the fact Davis — linked with the Lakers — was not on the bench in the final quarter.

“I’ve never even seen that video,” Gentry said after the game. “I really haven’t. I’m not avoiding anything, but … I couldn’t tell you who’s on that and who’s not.”

He added of Davis: “He’s right here in the locker room. When I walked in, he was in the locker room, so … That’s the other thing — I don’t look down the bench and see who’s on the bench and who’s not.

“I think we’re making more of a big deal of it than it is. I don’t think there’s anything. As I’ve said, [Davis] still talked to all the guys, he was still in [the locker room] when we came in.

“That’s what I know. Whatever you guys want to write and make out of that, you gotta do what you gotta do. But I think you’re reaching a little bit.”

Gentry, however, offered no assurances that Davis will play for the Pelicans again as he nears full fitness.

“That’s a hard thing to answer,” he said. “I don’t really know how to answer that. I assume that he will.

“That’s something that will obviously have to be discussed about what’s best for him and what’s best for our team.”