Bill Belichick admits he gets nervous 'every week'

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick is a master of stoicism in media interviews.

Looking for a colorful quote? Good luck. Belichick will provide a soundbite that sounds like it could have been formulated by a computer.

Prime example: Wednesday, a reporter asked Belichick if he minded when the Patriots play in cold weather.

“I love to play in a championship game,” Belichick said. “Schedule it wherever you want. We’ll be there.”

So Friday, when a reporter asked if Belichick gets nervous before games, the veteran coach replied, “Yeah, every week.”

That’s a stunningly frank admission from someone who plays it closer to the vest than a world-class poker player. You can see his comments at the 11:50 mark.

The reporter then asked Belichick if he’s more nervous before a postseason game.

“They all count in this league. Just let me know the next game that doesn’t matter,” Belichick said.

Belichick and his Patriots will have their hands full Sunday against the Chiefs in the AFC championship game (6:40 p.m. ET). Although New England defeated Kansas City earlier this year, 43-40, in Foxborough, the Chiefs are three-point favorites in the rematch at Arrowhead Stadium.