Celtics' co-owner Wyc Grousbeck says team may need to make moves to get another championship

The Celtics haven’t quite had the season they wanted at the beginning of the year and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said this could push them to make a splash at this year’s trade deadline.

“Our history is that we try to make the big deal and have gone for it,” Grousbeck told the Boston Globe this week. “We try to put banners in the rafters. There’s only one so far [from this ownership group]. We’d like to have another one up there, and that may require another move, or just continued growth with these guys. We’ll have to see.”

Boston has a 22-15 record and currently sits in fifth in the Eastern Conference.

The team has been relatively healthy all year long, but Gordon Hayward is still trying to find consistency coming back from a horrific leg injury last season and the team is still trying to find its rhythm.

“It’s not a special season right now,” Grousbeck said. “Can it become a special season? I still think it can. But we’ve got work to do.”

The Celtics have been rumored to be interested in Pelicans center Anthony Davis for a while, but New Orleans has said there is absolutely no way he will be traded and just about every single team would be in on the 2012 No. 1 overall pick, so there would need to be a lot of organizations involved.

But Danny Ainge has made a lot of deals in the past, many simply for future draft picks, most notably for players like Kyrie Irving which have elevated an already good roster.

Grousbeck wouldn’t be involved in trying to set up trades himself, but he said he trusts Ainge and the rest of the front office to bring him good ideas for what to do to make the team better if there is any move that could do just that this season.

“What happens with trades is that they’re proposed by the basketball side and I’m kept up to date all along as the phone calls develop and as we think about what assets we might include and what the team might look like after a trade,” Grousbeck said. “And so I approve them or disapprove them, or try to change them, and that’s gone on for 16 years.”

Boston hasn’t won a title since 2008 and that is the main thought when it comes to trades moving forward.

“We’re still all-in on this year,” Grousbeck said. “I’m still very hopeful it’ll be a special year. We’ll see what happens.”