Jets coach Adam Gase: Gregg Williams 'served his time' over 'Bountygate' scandal

Jets coach Adam Gase: Gregg Williams 'served his time' over 'Bountygate' scandal

New Jets coach Adam Gase isn’t concerned about defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ involvement in the “Bountygate” scandal.

Gates said Williams deserved a second chance and was penalized “heavily” for his involvement in the scandal, which saw him suspended for the entire 2012 season.

“Gregg was penalized for that heavily,’’ Gase said Wednesday on the  Pro Football Talk podcast . “Football was taken away from him. He did his time. That’s what makes this country great, right? People get second chances all the time. He’s gotten a second chance. He’s done it right. He’s gone and worked extremely hard to do things right.

“For me or anyone else to hold that over his head, to me, is wrong. It’s like when we give players second opportunities. It’s the same thing. People make mistakes. We’ve moved on from it. That’s not something I’m even concerned about.’’

Williams, who was the defensive coordinator with the Saints at the time of “Bountygate,”  was among those found guilty by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell of paying out bonuses — or “bounties” — for injuring opposing players.

Despite Williams’ reputation being tarnished, Gase said he always wanted to work with Williams.

“He takes over Cleveland and they’re winning ballgames over there … and he’s acting like this is what it was going to be the whole time,” Gase said. “He didn’t even blink an eye. I love that about him. His attitude is just infectious.’’

Williams, who helped turn around the Browns this season after being named interim head coach, has the competitive nature needed by the Jets, who went 4-12 last season under Todd Bowlesa and finished last in the AFC East.

“I’m excited. I just keep picturing practice is … going to be the difference-maker for us is, it’s going to be like a game every day,” Gase said. “Because the competition and the competitiveness between Gregg, myself, the staffs, that’s what you want. That’s how you get that energy you want to where the players feel that, they’re practicing like that, they’re creating that attitude so now all of a sudden it becomes the fourth quarter, it’s a close game, our guys have been there before.”