LeBron James' camp may want Luke Walton out as head coach, report says

People close to LeBron James might want Luke Walton gone.

The Lakers have been struggling as of late, and James’ camp may be looking for a coaching change sooner than later. Jackie MacMullan discussed the rumor with Brian Windhorst on The Hoop Collective podcast.

“It’s clear to me, and probably to you, Brian, that LeBron’s camp would prefer a coaching change — they’re not too subtle about that,” MacMullan said.

The Lakers have lost 10 of their last 15 games since James went down with a groin injury on Christmas Day.

Los Angeles is 25-24 and just outside of playoff contention. MacMullan made it clear James may not be the driving force behind the hostility toward Walton.

“Not LeBron, but all the people around LeBron. There’s plenty of them and they’ve made it known,” MacMullan said.

Magic Johnson, the president of basketball operations for the Lakers, claimed Walton’s job was not in jeopardy earlier this season. But nothing is set in stone.

James is practicing with the team, but there is no official date set for his return to the court. Los Angeles will take on the Suns on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET.