NBA trade rumors: If Lakers get Anthony Davis, door could open for Klay Thompson to go to L.A.

Well, this is one way to fill three max slots.

When Anthony Davis’ agent Rich Paul told ESPN Monday that the center wanted to be traded, a can of worms opened in the NBA with teams maneuvering to try to acquire the All-Star and several players starting to think a little farther down the road.

The snowball effect of these rumors has now found its way to Golden State, where, according to ESPN, Klay Thompson is starting to envision himself in a Lakers uniform.

Now, that’s a bit of a leap, but here is the scenario: if the Lakers are to acquire Davis and the Warriors do not offer Thompson a max contract when his current deal runs out at the end of the season, the four-time All-Star is going to start to entertain the idea of joining LeBron James and Davis in Los Angeles.

“The best-case scenario for the Lakers is they add Anthony Davis, and then Golden State doesn’t offer Klay Thompson a max contract, they try to get Klay to take a little bit less than the max, and if that happens, I’m told Klay’s attention will be on the Lakers if they have Anthony Davis,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on “SportsCenter”. “Now, we’ll see what Golden State does there, they’ve got a lot of players to pay going forward.

“They want to re-sign Kevin Durant, they certainly want to re-sign Klay, they’ve got Draymond Green coming up in free agency the following year.”

Lakers front office heads Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are reportedly working under the assumption Davis wants to play for the Lakers and would re-sign in L.A. But New Orleans is in no rush to deal the 2012 No. 1 overall pick and it must be overwhelmed to make a deal.

So this is a lot of conjecture, but it’s certainly something for the Lakers to hope for down the road.