NFL free agency: Ravens GM intent on keeping LB C.J. Mosley in Baltimore

NFL free agency: Ravens GM intent on keeping LB C.J. Mosley in Baltimore

Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said the team will do what it takes to keep linebacker C.J. Mosley on the roster next season.

Mosley, 26, will become a free agent in March, but DeCosta said he and the Ravens are discussing how to retain him.

“I certainly hope that C.J. is back. I believe in my heart that he will be,” DeCosta said Wednesday, via the team’s website.

There has been speculation that the Ravens plan to move on from quarterback Joe Flacco and stick with Lamar Jackson, who just concluded his first season in the league and still has a rookie contract. If that’s the case, the Ravens likely will have extra money to spend on extensions.

When asked if the Ravens would use the franchise tag on Mosley, DeCosta responded, “Everything is on the table.” However, he added that he would prefer to have Mosley sign a long-term deal.

“We’re in the business of keeping our good football players,” DeCosta said. “Talent wins in the NFL and he’s a Pro Bowl linebacker. So we’re going to do what we can to make sure that C.J. is back on the team.”

DeCosta, who is starting his first season as the Ravens’ general manager, said he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes the team has made in the past when it comes to retaining good players. He said as an assistant manager previously with the team, he saw too many Baltimore players move on and explode on other teams.

“We want to keep our best players as long as we can. That’s always going to be something that I want to do,” DeCosta said. “If there’s one thing that I regret is that we’ve lost some good, young talent over the years just because we couldn’t bring them back. We look at the numbers as being crazy even though the numbers really aren’t crazy if that’s what people are paying.”