Raiders QB Derek Carr challenges 'First Take' hosts to fight

Raiders QB Derek Carr wants to 'mess up the draft'

That escalated quickly.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr uncharacteristically ripped “First Take” hosts Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith in a series of tweets on Wednesday and challenged them to a fight.

Take a look:

Let’s back up.

This all started with Kellerman’s remarks regarding Raiders coach Jon Gruden’s praise of NFL draft prospect Kyler Murray, who declared earlier this month, despite already agreeing to a deal with the Athletics in MLB.

“You can see where quarterbacks don’t want it, and Carr didn’t want it. And I think Gruden knows they have to move on,” Kellerman said. “The question is, can they get anything for him? Is he a placeholder until they find the next guy? How long will it take to develop the next guy? And Kyler Murray, if you can grab him in the draft, hell yeah.”

Carr didn’t take too kindly to the comments and went off as he defended his honor.

Smith later responded to Carr’s challenge and invited him on the show to hash it out.

The ball is in Carr’s court.