Stephen Curry to launch camp series for underrated high school players

Stephen Curry wants to help the next generation of basketball players get noticed.

Curry announced a series of camps known as the “Underrated Tour” on Wednesday, which focuses on creating national exposure for high school basketball players ranked as three-star recruits or lower.

The two-time MVP praised the importance of big-time camps, but noted he feels it’s time to make a change.

“Those camps are how a lot of NBA guys originally made names for themselves,” Curry said, via The Players’ Tribune. “And we should keep that going! But there’s another thing about these camps I’ve been thinking about. And it’s how, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s the same, exclusive group of kids participating in them, over and over. It’s these same four or five-star recruits, players every scout already knows, going from city to city, camp to camp.”

According to Forbes, Rakuten, a Japanese ecommerce and internet firm will sponsor the tour. It is set to begin in Los Angeles on Jan. 19 and will make stops in several other cities.

The camp series focuses on a combination of basketball training and lessons on NCAA eligibility.

Even as the son of a 16-year NBA veteran, Curry had a hard time getting people to respect his game. He was a three-star recruit coming out of Charlotte, NC and went to a smaller school in Davidson out of high school.

Now he’s won the NBA Finals three times, and he’s trying to help young players pave their way to a collegiate career.