Tom Brady on Chiefs' explosive offense: 'Holy cow, how are they doing these things?'

NFL playoffs 2019: X-factor for each AFC championship team

The Chiefs’ offense caught Tom Brady’s eye in Week 1, immediately making him wonder, “Holy cow, how are they doing these things?”

The Chiefs host the Patriots Sunday in the AFC championship game (6:40 p.m. ET), and just in case Pats defensive coordinator Brian Flores hasn’t gotten the obvious message across to his players about Kansas City’s explosive offense, Brady made that point at length in a media conference Friday.

“I remember seeing the [Los Angeles Chargers] game earlier in the year — I think that was their opener — and they played so well,” Brady said of the Chiefs. “And then they went to the Steelers and everyone thought, ‘Man, the Steelers are going to have this great season,’ and it was 28-whatever right out of the box in Pittsburgh and [I] started watching, like, ‘Holy cow, how are they doing these things?’

“Then you watch some of the plays that they were making and just explosive play after explosive play, and Patrick [Mahomes], obviously, making these great throws to Tyreek [Hill] and Sammy [Watkins] and [Travis] Kelce.”

The Patriots handed the Chiefs their first loss of the season with a 43-40 victory in Foxborough in Week 6, one of five games this season in which KC scored 40 or more points. Brady says he admired the offense’s consistency.

“They just kept it going all year, and they’re really hard to stop all the way across the board,” Brady said. “They had just game after game of this huge productivity, and I think that’s what every offense tries to emulate is consistently, week after week, creating these explosive plays.

“Some of it is really player-driven, some of it’s the scheme and plays-driven, but coach [Andy] Reid does such a great job of changing things up and giving a defense different looks and I think just the dynamic aspect of that offense.”

Sunday’s game is being billed as a showdown between the veteran Brady and second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the overwhelming favorite to win the NFL MVP award.

“He’s had really a spectacular season,” Brady said.

Brady, who won his third NFL MVP award last season, hopes the earlier meeting with the Chiefs will help Sunday.

“We played them in Week 6 and saw it first-hand how quickly they can score and how quickly Patrick runs around and throws it to Tyreek and whatever, 70-yard touchdown,” Brady said. “So I think that was great to play them earlier in the year and get a feel for some of that. Hopefully we can all learn from it.”