Tom Brady will receive $0 of a possible $5M in performance bonuses this season, report says

Tom Brady appears on Patriots injury report

Tom Brady didn’t want 2018 to end this way.

According to Spotrac, Brady will receive $0 out of a possible $5 million in performance bonuses during the regular season.

Brady would have received a bonus had he finished in the top 5 in the NFL in passing yards, yards per attempt, touchdowns, completion percentage or passer rating, but he fell short in every single category.

Brady will make a total of $15 million this season without the bonuses.

The five-time Super Bowl champion relies a lot on bonuses for his income as he has routinely taken less money in salary so the Patriots could spend more elsewhere.

That backfired this season.

Fortunately for Brady, the Patriots are on track for a deep playoff run once again this year. New England earned a bye with an 11-5 record and only trail the Chiefs in record. And they beat Kansas City in the two teams’ lone matchup this season.

He also could earn bonuses for his play in the postseason, so he has more chances to make money this season.