49ers GM John Lynch reveals why trade for Odell Beckham Jr. didn't work out

49ers GM John Lynch reveals why trade for Odell Beckham Jr. didn't work out

Odell Beckham Jr. could have very well landed in San Francisco instead of Cleveland. However, 49ers general manager John Lynch wasn’t willing to make one big concession.

Before Beckham was dealt to the Browns, the Niners were hoping to add the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver to their roster. But, Lynch recently confirmed San Francisco wasn’t willing to give New York the second-overall pick in the draft.

“I think ironically the fact that we had the No. 2 pick made it more difficult because they wanted that badly,” Lynch said, via local sports radio station KNBR. “They wanted two No. 1s, and we weren’t willing to part with that. That’s too valuable of a pick even for a player of his magnitude. So, we tried to come up with creative different ways to get it down and it didn’t work out and you move on.”

Soon after Lynch’s comments aired, the NFL Network reported the 49ers could have been persuaded to exchange their No. 2 pick for the Giants’ sixth pick, but the organization feared more demands from New York and the two parties, obviously, were never able to come terms on a deal after that.

San Francisco owner Jed York said the team was “aggressive” in their talks with the Giants but again, did not want to give up a “very, very valuable pick.”

“We were definitely in it,” York said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “We were aggressive. But I think (the Giants) wanted different things than we had to offer. I think it would have been very hard for us to just give up a first-round pick and not get a ton in return, other than just the player, knowing that the second pick in the draft is a very, very valuable pick.”

Ultimately in exchange for Beckham, the Giants were given the Browns’ No. 17 overall pick, No. 95 overall pick (third round) and former first-round safety Jabrill Peppers.