Adam Silver on Anthony Davis situation: It's a 'bad dynamic' in New Orleans

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver weighed in on Anthony Davis’ situation with the Pelicans, calling it a “bad dynamic” in New Orleans.

“It’s not good when a player whose agent shows up in a city he doesn’t live in and announces this player doesn’t want to be here,” Silver said Friday, per “That’s bad for the fans there.”

Despite Davis’ trade request earlier this season, the Pelicans failed to make a deal at the deadline. He likely will play about 20 minutes in every game he plays for the rest of the season and will sit in back-to-backs, which is a compromise reached after the league came down on New Orleans for sitting the six-time All-Star.

Silver explained that the turmoil in New Orleans put him and the league in a tough spot because of the entertainment value for fans that Davis brings to his team. 

“It puts the league in a difficult position because back to the notion of an entertainment product because I can tell you, I look at the ratings and I can say the interest in the team is still going to be greater with Anthony Davis on the floor than when he’s not on the floor,” Silver said. “He is a top player in this league. People are paying to see him compete.

“If we were to say, fine, shelf him, rest him going forward, the people who are paying money to see him might say, ‘I want my money back,'” Silver said. “There’s two side of these issues.”

While the Pelicans and the league reached an agreement, Silver explained, “Some things don’t lend themselves to easy solutions.”

“Playing him for three quarters and resting him in the fourth is not a good solution. Maybe we’ll get to a different place,” he said. “I don’t have an easy solution to the facts at hand with Anthony Davis, but I think there are long-term solutions. We’re constantly looking for a better system.”