Draymond Green on viral Steve Kerr video clip: 'S— happens'

Warriors star Draymond Green isn’t holding a grudge against coach Steve Kerr.

A video went viral of Kerr appearing to express frustration toward Green during Golden State’s 115-111 loss to the Suns on Sunday, but Green said it didn’t bother him at all. While it’s not clear the exact words Kerr used, many speculated that the coach said he was tired of “Draymond’s s—.”

“It don’t bother me,” Green said, per ESPN. “S— happens. It is what it is. I’m sure there’s plenty of times coaches are tired of players. There’s times players are tired of coaches. … I don’t take it personal. It is what it is.”

Green went on to say he didn’t discuss the exchange with Kerr, and he doesn’t feel they need to clear the air because any frustration between coaches and players is simply part of the game.

“There’s nothing to clear,” Green said. “Like I said, s— happens. We live in a day and age where there’s a camera everywhere. So if anything, we’ll probably be more conscious of that. But as far we need to clear the air, there’s no air to clear.”

Kerr addressed the viral video clip Monday, but used a bit of humor to diffuse the situation.

He said: “The lip-readers were wrong. What I said was, I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight. Those were my exact words. I don’t know how somebody misconstrued that.”