Draymond Green sounds off on Russell Westbrook's Jazz fan incident

Draymond Green is not impressed with how the Jazz fan who was banned for life treated Russell Westbrook.

The Warriors big man said he has been treated similarly as Westbrook, who had racist and abusive language shouted at him by the fan when the Thunder visited the Jazz earlier this week.

“It’s just the nature of what we do, I guess. But I don’t really understand why grown men get off on going to somebody else’s job and saying [BS],” Green said, via The Mercury News. “I guess that’s their way of letting out their frustration in your life. It’s kind of stupid to me.”

While Green was on board with the NBA supporting the Jazz in banning the fan for life, he said he didn’t approve of Westbrook being fine $25,000 for retaliating against the fan.

“Our penalties get worse. If I’m like somebody that is probably not as happy with my life and I got an opportunity with where I’m going and go to someone’s place of employment and I say something crazy, and they say something back and they lose money, misery loves company,” Green said. “The longer our penalties are raised and blasted to the world, people keep doing that. At the end of the day, what do they really lose? But our families lose money that we provide.”

The NBA called for all 30 teams to send out a memo to their fans, asking to respect the players. However, Green doubts that tactic will do anything.

“As long as the league continues to fine their players for something back when they’re completely disrespecting us,” Green said, “it’ll always happen.”