Kyler Murray criticism 'garbage,' says Oklahoma teammate Ben Powers

Kyler Murray criticism 'garbage,' says Oklahoma teammate Ben Powers

Despite being the favorite to be the first overall pick in next month’s NFL Draft, Kyler Murray has come in for plenty of recent criticism, which has been labeled as “garbage” by his former Oklahoma teammate Ben Powers.

Diminutive quarterback Murray, a two-sport star at Oklahoma who chose to pursue football over a career in MLB with the Athletics after being drafted ninth overall last year, is now seen by many as a lock to be taken number one overall by the Cardinals.

A Heisman Trophy winner in his sole season as Oklahoma’s starter, Murray has his fair share of doubters, and he received some stinging criticism after the NFL combine three weeks ago.

NFL Network’s Charley Casserly claimed he received feedback from Murray’s interviews at the combine that he described as “the worst report I’ve ever heard on a top-ranked quarterback,” criticizing Murray’s leadership, study habits and ability to draw up plays on a white board.

Casserly was swiftly rebuked by Murray’s agent Erik Burkhardt while Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley also came out in defense of his quarterback.

And former Sooners guard Powers also takes a dim view of Murray’s critics, telling Omnisport: “I see so many different articles about Kyler and I’m tired of it because I talk to him on a daily basis, I know the guy.

“All these articles, they’re just there to get people to click on them. It’s just complete garbage.”

The debate over whether Murray made the right move in quitting baseball has come back into focus in the wake of Mike Trout’s reported $430 million extension with the Angels.

And Powers has already broached the topic of Trout’s deal with Murray.

He added: “I was actually talking to Kyler yesterday [Tuesday] when I scrolled across Twitter and it’s like ‘does Kyler Murray’s decision change now that Mike Trout got this giant contract? And there’s a whole article about it’.

“I’m like ‘Kyler do you believe this?’ and he’s like ‘man they’ll write anything.'”