Kyrie Irving on becoming a star player: 'You're going to be attacked'

Kyrie Irving was candid on what it’s like to be a star player in the NBA, and opened up about some of the criticism he has received. 

During an interview with The Athletic, Irving discussed how he’s been handling the backlash since he’s been the main leader in Boston. 

“It’s a little maniacal at times and a bit repetitive because you get asked the same questions about the regular season and we all know that, all that goes out the window once you get to to the playoffs,” Irving said. “The thing that matters the most is how connected you are as a team heading into the postseason.

“The deal that I had to become aware of, that I was signing up for, was like once you become one of the most coveted guys in the league, you’re signing up for basically, like you’re going to be attacked for the rest of your career. You’re going to be praised. You’re going to be brought up, you’re going to be brought down because that’s just the nature of the business.”

Irving previously played second fiddle to LeBron James while the two were in Cleveland, but Irving reportedly wanted the chance to have his own team when he was dealt to Boston. In his second season with the Celtics, the 26-year-old guard has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with Boston and some of his young teammates. 

Entering the season, the Celtics were considered to be the favorites in the East, but have struggled to stay consistent. They now sit fifth in the conference with a 40-26 record behind the Bucks, Raptors, Pacers and 76ers.