NBA free agency: Steve Kerr explains Warriors’ decision to sign Andrew Bogut

Steve Kerr is excited Andrew Bogut has re-joined the Warriors.

Golden State officially inked the 34-year-old center to a one-year contract earlier this week. Bogut, who had been playing in Australia, was previously with the team from 2012-16.

Kerr, the fifth-year Warriors coach, explained the team’s decision to bring back Bogut when he met with reporters Wednesday.

“We looked at this as an insurance policy in the front-court,” Kerr said, via The Athletic. “A guy who obviously knows our system, knows our players. He’s great for our offense — his dribble hand-offs, passing ability, lob threat — and defensively he’s been one of the best in the game for a long time.”

Kerr said Bogut was “the best player available” for Golden State on the free-agent market.

“He’s healthy, he’s fresh,” Kerr said. “We have to look ahead to the playoffs for different matchups, and we felt vulnerable particularly in case of injury and against certain matchups.”

Bogut said he’s “happy to be a positive influence on” the Warriors’ bench.

“This wasn’t a situation where I threw my hat in the ring to try to get signed in the NBA. I wouldn’t do that,” Bogut told the New York Times. “To come back to the NBA, for me, was basically Golden State or nothing.

“But the fact it was Golden State — it was the kind of opportunity that I would be kicking myself if I didn’t take.”

The Warriors will enter their matchup against the Nuggets on Friday with a Western Conference leading 44-20 record.