NFL reportedly asks Cleveland police for information about Jabrill Peppers

Browns' Jabrill Peppers says visit from Kobe Bryant gave him extra 'oomph'

The NFL has requested some information about Jabrill Peppers from the Cleveland Police Department.

The Giants safety’s gun was stolen earlier this year and Marsha Carroll, a 57-year-old woman who had been considered a suspect in the robbery, was found beaten on Feb. 6 and later died, according to News 5 Cleveland.

A league security representative asked for “any and all documentation regarding the reported theft of items belonging to Jabrill Peppers” and “any documentation indicating Jabrill Peppers is not a suspect in (Carroll’s) homicide.”

Peppers’ firearm was stolen Jan. 29, according to the Cleveland Police Department’s report. A spokesperson from the department told News 5 that Peppers “is not a suspect in any investigation, only a victim of theft.”

The department later re-emphasized that statement on Twitter.

Authorities, however, confirmed that an internal investigation regarding the handling of the theft is underway.

Peppers, 23, was traded from the Browns to the Giants earlier this month.

He recorded 79 tackles and one interception in 2018.