Offensive, defensive pass interference to become reviewable

Offensive, defensive pass interference to become reviewable

The Saints may finally get that win.

No, it won’t undo the NFC championship game but it will give Sean Payton and other coaches the chance to avoid the same fate New Orleans did. 

All offensive and defensive pass interference calls, including no-calls, can now be challenged, the league announced Tuesday. The change will be evaluated after one year.

Officials “will be able to correct clear errors” regardless of if a penalty was flagged on the play or not, according to the league.

Automatic replay review has also been expanded to include “scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul, and any try attempt,” including extra points and two-point conversions.

Payton “championed” the efforts, according to ESPN. 

Saints owner Gayle Benson had a quick reaction to the news. 

“This is what I wanted to happen,” she said. “That’s why I made my statement. (The non-call in the title game) will never happen again.”

This comes in light of the coaches meeting reportedly running long Monday. According to ProFootballTalk, there were coaches upset the league was not moving fast enough to amend the replay system. 

Payton has been vocal about his frustration with the NFL, saying if the league does not make changes to its instant replay system, “then ownership is saying they’re comfortable with what happened a year ago.”