Patrick Beverley roasts Paul George for blaming bad game on officiating: I locked you up

Paul George wasn’t happy with the officiating during Oklahoma City’s loss to the Clippers on Friday. He was so mad he called out the referees and was fined $25,000 for his comments.

But Patrick Beverley — a man who takes serious pride in his ability to play one-on-one defense — didn’t take kindly to what George said and his response to the All-Star forward sparked a heated exchange.

“Men lie, numbers don’t. He tried to blame the refs. Naw bra bra!!!,” Beverly wrote on Twitter.

This tweet was actually in reply to another pointing out George’s success, or lack thereof, when Beverley guarded him Friday.

George went 3-of-10 shooting with seven points on 44 possessions. But the MVP candidate wasn’t having it from Beverley.

“Stop it pat lol LA has gave you a platform now but stop it bra bra,” he wrote.

Beverley wasn’t backing down. In fact, he upped the ante.

“never knew u for the excuse type,” he wrote. “Give credit if credit is due. I locked u up last night. I won the Battle last night. Plain and simple.”

The Thunder and Clippers do not play again in the regular season. However, the Clippers are just two games behind the Trail Blazers for fifth in the Western Conference. Oklahoma City is fourth.

If LA were to get there the two teams would face off in the playoffs.