Saints coach Sean Payton reacts to new replay rules: 'I think we got it right'

Saints coach Sean Payton reacts to new replay rules: 'I think we got it right'

Sean Payton can breathe a sigh of relief after his efforts to change the NFL’s review policy paid off.

The league announced Tuesday all offensive and defensive pass interference calls, including no-calls, can now be challenged.

Payton, who championed one of the many changes approved by the NFL at its annual meeting said after, “I think we got it right.”

“I think it’s more about the football element (than a personal victory),” Payton continued, via ProFootballTalk

“I think it’s more of that ‘owe it to the game’ that we have responsibility, and really, I mean that. This isn’t going to be perfect always, and we know that. The mere shape of the ball tells you it’s not going to bounce the same way. But these are fouls that the analysts are able to point and say, ‘Hey, they’re the most impactful fouls.’ I think we got it right.”

Payton has been vocal about his frustration with the NFL after the Saints’ loss in the NFC championship game. 

He said Monday if the league didn’t amend its instant replay system “then ownership is saying they’re comfortable with what happened a year ago.”

Now, officials “will be able to correct clear errors” regardless of whether a flag was thrown on the play.

“We had the ability within the system (to fix it),” Payton said. “We know (coaches have) two challenges, and if you get them right, you have a third and you’re north of two minutes and you feel like there’s been a foul, you can challenge that.

“I think it fit with a system we know and a system the fans know. Obviously there are certain calls it doesn’t address, but at least we can begin to look at this as we move forward. I think everyone was excited that we arrived at a good answer.”