Stephen Curry used wife Ayesha's food to help DeMarcus Cousins feel welcome

The Warriors made a gamble signing DeMarcus Cousins as he was rehabbed a torn Achilles, but one teammate made sure Cousins was brought into the fold through homecooked food.

Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors had no idea on how long it would take for Cousins to come back onto the court, but Curry took it upon himself to make sure Cousins felt like a member of the team.

“He’s committed himself to make sure DeMarcus is comfortable and to make sure DeMarcus feels like this is home,” teammate Draymond Green said, via The Mercury News . “He’s never been a guy that is not welcoming of anyone. When that’s the face of your franchise, that is important.”

In fact, Curry made sure he was close to Cousins at team dinners, asked how his rehab was going and catered food to Cousins’ hotel room. And it wasn’t just random catering — instead he sent dishes from International Smoke, an upscale Southern restaurant owned by his wife, Ayesha.

“That’s one of my new favorite places,” Cousins said of International Smoke, adding he loves the ribs. “It’s incredible.”

Cousins finally made his Warriors debut on Jan. 18 and hasn’t looked back as he’s averaged 15.9 points and 8.0 rebounds in 24 games. When asked how Curry has benefited Cousins as a player, Cousins lauded Curry for letting players be themselves.

“What has he done for me?” Cousins repeated the question. “He’s opened my game up. He takes all the attention away and lets me be me.”