Attorneys accuse police, prosecutors of leaking Robert Kraft spa video

Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution at Florida spa, police say

Attorneys for two women connected to the Florida prostitution sting believe police and prosecutors have leaked surveillance videos of Patriots owner Robert Kraft and 24 other men allegedly paying for and engaging in sex, according to

The attorneys representing Lei Wang and Hua Zhang, accused of working at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, asked a judge Thursday to hold police and prosecutors in contempt of court after reports revealed someone was shopping around the footage.

The reports come after Judge Joseph Marx issued a temporary protective order Wednesday to keep the video footage from being released until the court can make a ruling on it. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for April 29.

The attorneys referenced a New York Daily News article that reported an unidentified person contacted, a celebrity news website, and claimed “to have obtained portions” of the video showing Kraft naked with another person, who is believed to be the massage therapist, according to

Jupiter police spokesman O’Neil Anderson, however, said his department doesn’t believe the authenticity of the reports.

“If anyone had it, they would have released it by now,” Anderson told the Associated Press.

Kraft and his attorneys had asked another judge, Judge Leonard Hanser, to bar release of the videos while their criminal cases are pending, arguing that releasing the footage would give up their clients’ rights to have a private and fair trial. Marx is ultimately the one who ordered the protective order.

“The only possible reason to release it is to get eyeballs and clicks” on media websites from people seeking to watch individuals “engaging potentially in sexual conduct,” Kraft’s defense attorney William Burck told Hanser during a hearing last week, per CBS12.

“It is basically pornography, your honor,” Burck said of the videos.